Installation Process

Quick tips and tricks to install your new shift boot for the best fitment and look!


First, we highly recommand that you get a shift boot adapter/retainer to help your new shift boot hold in place below the shift knob.

This part can be easily found on the internet, such as Amazon or Ebay. 

Make sure you choose the proper shifter thread according to your vehicle! 

Also make sure your knob isn't attached to any other lever/mecanism, or you will have to buy a special adapter for your car. 

From personal experiences, we recommand that you secure the base of the shift boot with double-sided tape to avoid damage on the fabric and on your shifter console. Neverthless, you might need to lightly alterate the bottom of the shift boot to make it fit properly, this is completely normal. Some OEM shift boots are secured with tacks or cuts so you can definitely adjust your new shift boot the OEM way.

We highly recommand that you watch installation tutorials on Youtube to properly install your new shift boot. Just write "how to install shift boot" in the search area and there you go ;)

Here is a link to help you out!