Universal Fit Guarantee

We designed our shift boots so they can fit in every car that has a manual transmission, therefore has an original shift boot.


If your shifter console is either round, square or rectangle and has not been modified, we guarantee it fits!


We guarantee it fits in every car that has a manual transmission. The warranty does not apply if your car has a longer shifter rod than OE, because the fitment of our universal fit shift boot may not cover the whole rod and you may have trouble keeping the fabric up and in place under the shift knob. Our shift boots are designed to fit in cars and it can also fit in pickup trucks, but we do not guarantee the fitment as a lot of pickup trucks have longer OE shifter rods than cars. 


Our shift boots can be installed in automatics, when those have an OEM leather shift boot, but as most of automatics have a mecanism in the shift knob, it can be a little more tricky to install. 




If your OE shifter rod is not modified but your Shape Shifters shift boot does not fit, please provide us proof and we could refund you the price of the shift boot only. The shipping fees are not refundable. 


Be sure to check our Installation process instructions the make your shift boot fit properly before thinking it doesn't fit! :)